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The LHSSN is a school's network linking together schools of all ages and abilities across the area with community groups, local providers and national bodies to provide as many high quality experiences as possible for children and staff alike. Schools came together to continue much of the work of the old School Sports Partnerships and the Youth Sport Trust. They saw the value in working collaboratively, as one group, for the good of each-other and the area as a whole.

We offer membership packages to suit a school's priorities. Though not an exhaustive list, these include the following examples:


  • Teacher training and CPD- both in schools and at central venues. Involving a mix of practical examples and administrative training.  Delivered by respected bodies like The Youth Sport Trust, or Lancashire County Council's PE services, by us and our partners, or as simply as continuing the 'partnership ethos' by sharing local good practice. Practical and theory based support.
  • Mass events such as our Level 2.5 Mini Olympics which sees almost 2000 primary pupils take part in 14 different sports all delivered by ourselves and our local providers.
  • Or our annual PE Teacher's conference with national and local updates, guest speakers, and formal and informal training.
  • Health interventions and active opportunities.
  • Leadership training for pupils of all ages. Often supporting local delivery.
  • Administrative support
  • and many, many other opportunities including; Outdoor education, coaching, competitions, and support offered by us and local deliverers.


Schools may contact us if they have any questions or wish to join, or would like to discuss the support we can offer in other areas where appropriate.

“Government funding is only part of the solution. Schools have a key role to play too. School leaders and staff must take a lead in securing the nation’s sporting future…” (Ofsted)

“Investing in local partnerships and clusters was viewed as another way in which schools could ensure the quality of their provision. These were particularly valued as a cost effective way of increasing capacity and expertise across a number of schools in a local area. The facility to use the premium to support these partnerships was valued, and sustaining these partnerships long-term was seen as a priority.” (Department for Education 2016- The PE and sport premium: an investigation in primary school: Research Report)


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Lancaster and Heysham School Sports Network
Lancaster and Heysham School Sports Network
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