BLA SSCO Year 3/4 Acro Gymnastics

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Event description


Details of the competition are as follows:

·         Both events will be on the same day – Thursday 13th February 2020

·         Year 3/4 is 10.30am to 12.30pm

·         Year 5/6 is 1.15pm to 4.30pm

·         Venue: BLA (Sports Hall through new reception, where you will need to register)

·         Select from relevant year groups.

·         Acro routine, lasting maximum of 2 minutes, use space available.

·         8 moves pick one from each row A to I from the accompanying gymnastics document, pick based on your gymnasts ability.  MOVES ARE HARDER FROM LEFT TO RIGHT COLOUMN

·         Movements are progressive, make up your own linking moves (slides, cat leap, chassis, step ball change, leaps, spins, dance motions & hops), with both partners doing the same moves at the same time

·         Each pair marked out of 10 – 8 points for 9 moves + 1 point for timing and linking actions + 1 point for general impression and fluidity

·         Pick your own music – no words, no Phantom of the Opera and no Cirque du Soleil & no Disney

·         Team AND Individual prizes

·         Squads of up to 10 (minimum 6), split off in to pairs, top 3 pairs scores count towards team score.  CAN BRING JUST INDIVIDUALS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH FOR TEAM EVENT

·         Please let me know team names and your music, any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  EACH SCHOOL PUT SONGS IN ORDER OF YOUR PERFORMANCES ON A MEMORY STICK AND BRING WITH YOU ON THE DAY.

·         Confirmation of format will be sorted after deadline entry day.