Writing & Class Skills via Multiskills pt2

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Event description

Second Session!  Should've attended prior 27th Jan session.
January 27th, & 24th February 4.00-6.00pm At Our Lady's Catholic College, LA1 2RX- parking will be at the rear of the school off Lune Street at the rear of the sportshall and will be held in the gym.  Please don't enter before 3.50.



Linked with the Multi-Skills Scheme of Work.  Research has shown that there is a correlation between a pupil’s classroom skills (handwriting/drawing/cutting out) and their PE Skills (Agility/Balance/Co-ordination).  This course will allow teachers to assess their class in said skills, select the pupils who require improvement, and then improve those pupils gross/fine motor skills through measured PE sessions, which in turn will improve classroom skills (e.g. hand eye co-ordination, posture, attention span, gripping a pencil etc).


Utilising the Multi-Skills Scheme of Work and the new assessment resource – Multi-Skills & Classroom Improvement Programme, which includes: assessing activities for the whole class; an improvement plan and activities; an “at home programme” to do with parents and a celebration Multi-Skills Festival.  It helps seek out people who need help, improves those who need it and then celebrates their success.


Course Objectives


  • A practical look at assessing pupil’s classroom and PE skills.
  • Identifying pupils who need help
  • Improving classroom skills through PE activities, which in turn will improve their PE skills
  • Celebrate their success with the Multi-Skills Festival

This course is spread over two twilights and is aimed at early years teachers, but as an assessment tool, can be utilised across all age groups.

Session 1: How to assess your pupils – delegate then go back to school and deliver.  Once delivered and they know the pupils on the programme, the second twilight is delivered. 

Session 2: How to improve those selected pupils


Both sessions are practical with delegates learning how to deliver the activities and how best to assess during the session.  All delegates are allocated one resource per school, but more can be purchased on request. If delegates do not have the Multi-Skills Scheme of Work already, they are available at an additional cost.