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Our School Sport Co-ordinator (SSCO) Programmes are bespoke for the cluster of schools within each individual one.  We gather between 6-12 schools who are in close proximity to each other, and provide the services they desire via our questionnaire the schools involved fill out.  These programmes are popular because they are personal and tailored to the individual needs of the schools involved and are centred around several items, including; sports coaching, extra sports events/festivals, CPD and leadership. 




Each school is offered between 6-10 coaching sessions per year, in a plethora of different sports and activities.  These are all delivered by the same member of staff, unless that individual cannot deliver, then we source a suitable replacement, who will just deliver those particular sessions.  It is up to each school how these sessions are utilised.  Some use them all on one year group, some mix up the sports, it is totally up to you. 


All our coaches have all the relevant, and updated CRC, sports coaching, safe guarding qualifications and certificates and are 1st Aid trained.





Schools have access to a minimum of six sports events each year, one every half term, which are, again, determined by the schools involved.  You might want more KS1 events, we can do that.  You might want to have practice events for County Qualifiers, we can do that.  You may want more friendly festivals where participation is the goal, or try out new sports, we can do that.  You can have a mix of everything.  In most cases, we give out Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, a winners trophy and everyone gets a certificate for being involved. 


All our events are in safe, appropriate facilities, each chosen specifically to maximise the safety and experience of the participants and spectators.  They are delivered by highly experienced staff, who have delivered numerous events.






Once the CPD has been decided by the schools, teachers/volunteers are invited to a central venue to undertake the CPD.  These are usually Twilight sessions, done in two hours.  They are not certified, more for guidance and ideas on how to deliver that particular sport/activity to pupils.  There are usually 2-3 CPD sessions per year.


Schools can also have "in-house" twilights, that are just for their own staff, delivered in their school.  This is if there is a greater number of staff wanting the training, that cannot be accomodated in the central venue option.



We deliver Young Leaders courses, to give your pupils their first taste of leadership.  This training programme will allow them to assist at play time, sports day and other PE realted events. 



If you are interested in being in one of our SSCO Programmes, please just get in touch and register your interest.




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